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An established leader of membrane switch supplier in production of membrane switches,Yi Yi Enterprise specializes in applications with stringent cosmetic and reliability requirements. Our state-of-the-art Flexible Printed Circuits, Membrane Key board Switches Structure, Silicon Rubber Keypad, EL Panel, combined with Printed Circuit Boards and Overlays, assuring that all our membrane switches meet or exceed our customers' requirements. Membrane switch suppliers often provide the sole interaction between your customers and the technology you provide to them. As professional membrane switch manufacturer,we insist that it is critical that the customers are satisfied with the tactile response of the machine interface. Yi Yi's engineering staff take careful consideration of the operating environment involved in each membrane switch application. Environmental conditions are often a critical factor in surface mounted devices for membrane switches adhesive selection.Our team of engineers and designers can provide unique innovation to your process. Membrane switch supplier's expertise in human-machine interaction can supply your application with the ease of use required to compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace.Yi Yi Enterprise is a membrane switch manufacturer of high quality membrane switches. Our focus is on quality parts, fast service and competitive pricing.
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