FPC Membrane waterproof frame

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Based in Taiwan, Yi Yi Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 1974, is a FPC Membrane waterproof frame manufacturer. Every OEM or ODM finished product is fully assessed before delivery, and all of our materials and components are RoHS compliant.

Specialized in manufacturing membrane switch with super-abrasive finishing, as well as PCB board, graphic overlay, EL panel and circuit board, all materials and components are suitable for use in computers, instruments, electronics and electrical goods. FPC bending test, FPC auto drilling, FPC e-test, FPC SMT, CNC laser cutting, color scanner, SMT for membrane switch and printed circuit supply. Export 70% worldwide in US and Europe and the rest 30% in Taiwan.

YI YI has been offering customers high-quality membrane switch, EL panel & circuit board, both with advanced technology and 25 years of experience, YI YI ensures each customer's demands are met.

FPC Membrane waterproof frame

Membrane Switch 0121

This FCB assembled with membrane switche and metal domes. LEDs come with different color. 3M467 adhesive and an 80mm tail connected with the connector. All products are made in Taiwan. We do 100% inspection before shipping.

PET membrane Keypad, PI membrane switch, PET keypad, touch keyboard


  • Metal detector
  • Nail polish dryer
  • Remote
  • Food industry
  • Laser Distance Measurement Tool
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    Membrane Switch 0122

    Membrane Switches can be made to meet IP68 water-proof requirements, by using waterproof gasket materials. Membrane switches are Long-lasting durability in multiple applications, dust proof,water proof ,moisture proof and easy to clean.

  • Anti-static Membrane Switch - Anti- static membrane switch assembled with alumium frame, silver ink printing, 3M468 adhesive on the back can be attached on the devices.
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    Membrane Switch 0104

    This designed and manufactured membrane switch has aluminum underneath with the overlay on TOP layer. Membrane switch works by electrical contact between the buttons interface the underlying circuits when key top areas are pressed. This particular membrane switch keypad is a combination of many feature, water resistance, dust resistance IP66, anti-static and feature are all manufactured according to customer's request, can change to color printing, key embossing type and this mylar switch also can be a flex circuit made by copper or polyimide material when RFQ please show detailed specs and feature requirement.

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    Double side FPC,assembled with metal dome.Surface treatment: Gold plated 1 ~ 32u"RA Copper or ED Copper: 1/2oz or 1oz,Cover Film: 1mil or 1/2mil Polyimide