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EL Panel | All of our materials and components of Membrane Switch are under RoHS compliant.

EL Panel

EL Panel

Large area uniform soft light EL Panel

We offer light weight EL panels with a thickness limit of 0.13mm that are rich in color, have a power consumption of 0.1 - 0.2 mA/cm2, and that have long life spans of up to 9000 hrs. We can customize EL panel designs to fit our customers’ needs. Our EL panels, which are flexible, waterproof, thinner than LED and do not generate UV radiation, produce moderate light output, which can be spread over the entire surface without harming your eyes. They are suitable for billboards, dashboards and keypads.

EL Panel

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Automobile El Panel - Automobile use El panel, El panel has multicolors, such as blue, green, white etc…
Automobile El Panel
El 01

The light of EL panel is very uniform and stable, from a variety of angles can clearly see the light,...

Multicolor El Panel backlight - EL panel for variety of dashboard.
Multicolor El Panel backlight
El 02

Depending on the requirements of Multicolor El Panel backlight design, a variety of structural...

dashboard backlight El Panel - EL panel for car dashboard.
dashboard backlight El Panel
El 03

dashboard backlight El Panel is suitable for use in a variety of small mobile devices, the thickness...

El Panel assembled membrane - EL Backlight Membrane Switches.
El Panel assembled membrane
El 04

If you need a large area of light in membrane switch, you can stick EL panel inside with adhesive,...

Fuel meter El Panel - EL Backlight Module.
Fuel meter El Panel
El 05

The basic color of EL panel are blue, blue green, green and white. If sticking a variety printing...

El Panel assembled with membrane switch - Membrane Switch with EL backlight.
El Panel assembled with membrane switch
El 06

If customer needs to operate the equipment in the darkroom, and the need for thin design, you can add EL panel...

Digital multi media lectern use El panel - EL panel with front overlay.
Digital multi media lectern use El panel
El 07

The material of EL panel is Polyester, it can be bent and stick to the curvature of the object,...

El panel assembled with membrane switch - Backlight Membrane Switch
El panel assembled with membrane switch
El 08

To achieve the highest level of waterproof and dustproof IP68, we can strengthen the protection...

Billboard El panel - Customized Membrane Keyboard with EL Panel
Billboard El panel
El 09

The overall structure of Billboard El panel can be very thin, can be bent and stick on the curved...

Automobile El Panel - Bendable EL Panel
Automobile El Panel
El 10

The light of Automobile El Panel is very uniform and very stable, not flashing. It also can be assembled...

Result 1 - 10 of 10

EL Panel | Waterproof Membrane Switches Manufacturer - YiYi Enterprise Co., Ltd

Located in Taiwan since 1974, Yi Yi Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been a membrane switch manufacturer. Their main products include, EL Panel, waterproof membrane switches, membrane switch keyboards, tactile membrane keypads, graphic design overlay, mechanical membrane keyboards, custom aluminum nameplates, cutout EL panels, industrial silicone rubber keypads and rigid-flex PCB design and fabrication, and all the materials and components are RoHS compliant.

Yi Yi is expert in manufacture of membrane keyboard switches, flexible printed circuits, rigid-flex board, el panels, silicone rubber keypad and name plates. We have acquired the skills and technology necessary to produce top-quality products that are suitable for use in computers, instruments and other electronic and electrical goods.

YI YI has been providing customers with membrane switches, both with advanced technology and 49 years of experience, YI YI ensures that each customer's requirements are met.