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Printed Aluminum Plates | All of our materials and components of Membrane Switch are under RoHS compliant.

Printed Aluminum Plates

Aluminum Nameplates

customized 3D shape aluminum logo

Nameplates are usually shaped as rectangles but are also seen in other shapes, sometimes taking on the shape of someone's name. The primary use of nameplates is for informative (as in an office environment, where nameplates are mounted on doors or walls in order to identify employees) and commercial purposes (as in a retail environment, where nameplates are mounted on products to identify the brand).

Whereas name tags tend to be worn on uniforms or clothing, nameplates tend to be mounted onto an object (e.g. cars, amplification devices) or physical space (e.g. doors, walls, or desktops). Nameplates are also distinct from name plaques. Plaques are items of larger dimensions that are designed to communicate more information than a name and title.

Aluminum Nameplates

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Pressure scale NamePlate - Aluminum Plate with printing numeral on the surface.
Pressure scale NamePlate
Printed Aluminum Plates 0601

We custom the shape, size and color of metal pressure scale NamePlate, The name plates can be made...

Anodized Aluminum Plates - Metal Name plate with printed Logo on top.
Anodized Aluminum Plates
Printed Aluminum Plates 0602

The metal name-plate by Aluminum material with color printing for Logo on top and embossing,...

Custom Nameplate - Aluminum plate with printing description.
Custom Nameplate
Printed Aluminum Plates 0603

Aluminum name-plate can be printed company name, address detail and also can print the model...

Tempture scale nameplate - Metal name plate with printing numeral and logo on top.
Tempture scale nameplate
Printed Aluminum Plates 0604

Using silk screen printing to print various colors and numbers indicate the speedy meter. Widely...

Fuel level scale Nameplate - Metal name-plate with printing number.
Fuel level scale Nameplate
Printed Aluminum Plates 0605

Name plate with aluminum material and print numbering to indicate the fuel level. Often use for car,...

Fitness equipment label - Metal plate lettering.
Fitness equipment label
Printed Aluminum Plates 0606

Name-plate by Aluminum material with printing text and die-cut as the letter shape after that....

Embossed Nameplate - Metal name plate with colorful printing on surface and Logo indicated.
Embossed Nameplate
Printed Aluminum Plates 0607

Aluminum name plate printed three colors on upper side. It can used as a logo on a bicycle,...

Electroplating Aluminum Plates - Gradient printing with colorful 3D logo on round shape.
Electroplating Aluminum Plates
Printed Aluminum Plates 0608

Electroplating Aluminum Plates can be used as a logo on a bicycle or any plastic case to display...

Inspection device Aluminum Plate - Name plate with number printing on top and has 3 colors.
Inspection device Aluminum Plate
Printed Aluminum Plates 0609

The silk screen offers the option to print multiple colors and we provide many types of adhesives...

Anodized Aluminum Nameplates - Aluminum frame with product logo
Anodized Aluminum Nameplates
Printed Aluminum Plates 0610

This Anodized nameplate made by aluminum material with numbers. Widely used in car or motorcycle...

Equipment identification nameplate - Aluminum Plate with printing numeral on the surface.
Equipment identification nameplate
Printed Aluminum Plates 0611

We offer various anodized aluminum and stainless steel and plastics (Equipment identification...

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Aluminum Nameplates | Waterproof Membrane Switches Manufacturer - YiYi Enterprise Co., Ltd

Located in Taiwan since 1974, Yi Yi Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been a membrane switch manufacturer. Their main products include, Aluminum Nameplates, waterproof membrane switches, membrane switch keyboards, tactile membrane keypads, graphic design overlay, mechanical membrane keyboards, custom aluminum nameplates, cutout EL panels, industrial silicone rubber keypads and rigid-flex PCB design and fabrication, and all the materials and components are RoHS compliant.

Yi Yi is expert in manufacture of membrane keyboard switches, flexible printed circuits, rigid-flex board, el panels, silicone rubber keypad and name plates. We have acquired the skills and technology necessary to produce top-quality products that are suitable for use in computers, instruments and other electronic and electrical goods.

YI YI has been providing customers with membrane switches, both with advanced technology and 49 years of experience, YI YI ensures that each customer's requirements are met.