Digital multi media lectern use El panel

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Based in Taiwan, Yi Yi Enterprise Co., Ltd., since 1974, is a Digital multi media lectern use El panel manufacturer. Every OEM or ODM finished product is fully assessed before delivery, and all of our materials and components are RoHS compliant.

Specialized in manufacturing membrane switch with super-abrasive finishing, as well as PCB board, graphic overlay, EL panel and circuit board, all materials and components are suitable for use in computers, instruments, electronics and electrical goods. FPC bending test, FPC auto drilling, FPC e-test, FPC SMT, CNC laser cutting, color scanner, SMT for membrane switch and printed circuit supply. Export 70% worldwide in US and Europe and the rest 30% in Taiwan.

YI YI has been offering customers high-quality membrane switch, EL panel & circuit board, both with advanced technology and 25 years of experience, YI YI ensures each customer's demands are met.

Digital multi media lectern use El panel

El 07

The material of EL panel is Polyester, it can be bent and stick to the curvature of the object, the light is still even after bending.
The power consumption of EL panel is very low, it would cost about 0.1 to 0.2 milliampere of each square centimeter. Input voltage DC5V ~ DC12V, with the use of adapter, can be widely used.

Electro luminescent lamps, EL panel, double sided backlight


  • Digital multi media lectern
  • Aircraft dashboard
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    The overall structure can be very thin, can be bent and stick on the curved surface. With the variety of connector on the end of cable, the installation can be easier. The lifetime of switch can be more than one million pressing times, very durable, and the development cost is low, suitable for a variety of medical, industrial or military equipment. The input voltage is DC5V ~ 12V, based on customer's design. With the design of adapter, we can match the different voltage.

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    The basic color of EL panel are blue, blue green, green and white. If sticking a variety printing of front overlay, you can fully meet the various customer design. The overall thickness of EL panel can be less than 0.6mm, very suitable for mobile handheld devices. The end of the cable can be combined with all kinds of terminal, for end-user to easily assemble, fast and convenient. The light of EL panel is very uniform and stable, you can see the light from a variety of angles, and long-term use will not produce heat.